The world seems to be revolving around a certain unicorn haired man who happens to be the storm center of a
controversy that has rocked governments around the globe. Whether you stand by Julian Assange or those who
oppose his actions, we think it shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying these fascinating images of Wikileaks’
(former – see update below) server facilities in Stockholm. In fact we had posted some of these images in a
previous post but so much fresh info, snaps and videos have come since then and we thought this definitely
was worth a new feature.

Wikileaks is hosted by Swedish internet company Bahnof whose offices are actually repurposed nuclear bunkers
built during the World War II era. Fit to be a James Bond villain’s abode, the facility is carved right into the side of
Vita Berget (The White Mountain) in Södermalm borough area of Stockholm and it was refurbished with assistance
from local architects
Albert France-Lanord. Though Wikileaks’ data constitute only two of the 8000 servers that exist
at the facility, they could very well be the company’s most controversial client. :)

UPDATE: Latest developments have forced Wikileaks to move bases pretty regularly. The servers have now moved to
Switzerland after been ousted from Sweden and France.

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